2014 JFK 50 Mile Team Declaration Form.

TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: Team Championship Awards will be presented to the to scoring (based on total time) Men’s and Women’s teams. A team can consist of up to five of the same sex, but only the first three finishers will be scored.  Team entries can be send to JFKTeams@mdtiming.com


MILITARY TEAM COMPETITION: The first five finishers of the same military branch (from the same Military Base or Academy) will have their combined times tallied. The low time-score will take home the “Kennedy Cup”. Teams can consist of as many as ten entrants (of either sex).  Team entries can be send to JFKTeams@mdtiming.com 


Use the attached form, find your athletes on the confirmed list of entrants and then put their projected bib number as well as the other necessary information.



Declaration Form

If the form is unusable then just list the team members and send it to the email address.